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I recently flew with Air New Zealand Link from Auckland to Wanganui and learnt a few things that could be useful.

1. The small 'Link' airplanes are boarded via. steps. I couldn't manage the steps and my husband ended up carrying me on board. For other people with this problem the correct procedure is to speak to the airline when booking and order a wheelchair (to get from the public area to the airplane), either a ramp or a forklift (the smaller regional airports have ramps, larger centres have forklifts with a platform that lifts you up and down) and an aisle chair (that you are strapped to as you get on and off the plane).

2. Auckland Domestic Airport has a sick bay with a bed. I used this to lie down while waiting to board and also while my husband waited for our baggage to come through. It is adjacent to the disabled toilet and you don't need special permission or a key to use it.

3. Small airplanes are *very* noisy and I advise earplugs. Using earplugs on the return journey meant that I arrived in much better shape than previously.

I also always travel in the car with the seat tipped relatively far back. It spoils the view, but means that I can travel a bit further before I 'crash'.

September 2004