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Tribute on the 30th anniversary of ANZMES

I was fortunate to be put in touch with ANZMES as soon as I was diagnosed - six months after becoming ill - and sent some introductory information and two back issues of Meeting Place. I joined up straight away and have been very grateful for their support. Between then and now I have never been well enough to attend a support group, so MP is my main contact with ANZMES.

Initially MP gave me vocabulary to explain how I felt to others: for example a description of walking feeling like pushing through mud. It also introduced me to other people like me, and I particularly appreciated the stories of people getting on with life even though they have CFS. Meeting Place has been the source of many tips and hints that help me live well in my day to day life: ideas explicitly presented in topical articles or simply gleaned from personal stories. This has also inspired me to start writing for MP myself so that I, too, can share what I have learned.

I read the medical articles in the magazine with interest. Although no one really knows yet what is going on biologically with CFS it is encouraging to hear about current research. From data in MP on abnormalities common to CFS patients I have taken to telling people "I have a chronic neurological condition", which tends to gain respect and avoid unhelpful advice in a way that citing "chronic fatigue" does not! I also note down details of any medicines, supplements and medical testing that seem relevant to me and discuss these with my GP.

Finally, Meeting Place has given me companions in my often isolated life. Many of these are people known to me only through their published stories, but I also exchange letters and emails with several folk I have met through responding to each others' writing in Meeting Place.

Thank you to all the editors and contributors past and present who put together this excellent resource.


March 2010